David Solana


David excels at designing and executing commercial plans and strategies to make the universe vibrate with new start-up ideas, which makes him an invaluable part of Innology’s incubation machinery.

Our sales & marketing wizard began his career in the U.S.A., developing fast to management positions in leading American multinationals in the telecommunications and IT sectors (most notably at Microsoft) where he forged a successful track record of closed multimillion-dollar deals thanks to his commercial savoir-faire, effective communication skills and senior-level relationships. David, who holds a major in Physics and a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Oregon, uniquely fuses his “left-brain” background with a “right-brain” artistic ability to develop innovative ways to maximize growth.

When he’s not boosting new businesses, you’ll find him giving talks to at-risk kids about the advantages of staying in school, or walking Helio, his cheerful golden retriever, along with his family.